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  DAY 1 Technical Topics Speakers
9h00 Welcome + Coffee    
9h30 Introduction from ONERA   ONERA, P. Bidaud
10h00 Introduction from PSIA2   PSIA2, A. Tanguy
10h30 Key Note 1 (40 min.) Green Aviation in Europe

V. Selmin (CAJU, CleanSky outcomes overview and perspectives for Clean Aviation)


11h10 Coffee    
11h30 Technical session 1 (3 slots) Share high-level (selected) roadmaps information
Panel from institutes and industries

M. Ferrogalini (Airbus, Roadmap for MDO)
Design by simulation: few trends, current challenges, towards new engineering practices)
    G. Rogé (Dassault Aviation, How is Dassault Aviation preparing eco-friendly business jets for take-off ?)

12h30 Buffet Lunch    
14h00 Technical session 2  (5 slots) Tour of  MDO european related projects: MADELEINE/NEXTAIR , AGILE4.0, CS2 U-HARWARD,  IMOTHEP  M. Carini/M. Méheut (ONERA, MADELEINE/NEXTAIR)
J. Bussemaker  (DLR, AGILE4.0)
S. Ricci (PoliMi, U-HARWARD)

15h00 Technical session 3 (4 slots) MDO in applications, focus on specific representative test cases (green aviation) P.-J. Proesmas  (TUD, Multidisciplinary Aircraft Design Optimization with Novel Climate Functions)
M. Méheut (ONERA, Overview of MDO applications)
M. Abu-Zurayk (DLR, Overview of MDO applications)
A. Gazaix (IRT, Overview of MDO applications)
16h20 Coffee    
16h50 Technical session 4 (3 slots) MDO frameworks and formulations

Y. David (IRT, Bi-level architectures, elements of convergence proof)
A. Stück (DLR, Scalable MDAO Framework Infrastructure for FlowSimulator)
F. Daoud (Airbus DS,
MDO Use Cases – the Driving Force of (Industrial) Research and Technology )

17h50 Technical session 5 (2 slots) End-to-end MDO (MBSE) Ton van der Laan (GKN - Aerospace, Bringing Manufacturing into the MDO domain using MBSE)
P. D. Ciampa (Airbus DS, Towards a model-based End2End Engineering Development)
18h30 - 19h00 Poster session / young researchers    
19h00 Banquet    
21h00 End of the social event    
  DAY 2 Technical Topics Speakers
8h30 Welcome + Coffee    
8h50 Key Note 2 (40 min.)  

S. Shahpar (Rolls Royce, Role of MDO @RR)


9h30 Technical session 6 (3 slots) (MD)O under uncertainty S. Dubreuil (ONERA, Bayesian Formulations for MDO Applications)
T. Ghisu (UniCA, Application of uncertainty quantification to turbomachinery design)
P. Congedo (INRIA,  Non-Parametric Measure Approximations for Constrained Multi-Objective Optimization under Uncertainty)
10h30 Coffee    
11h00 Technical session 7 (3 slots) Topology related MDO G. Allaire (X-Polytechnique, Multiphysics topology optimization and heat exchangers)
C. Andreasen (DTU, Coupled shape and topology optimization for aeroelastic design)
H. Telib (Optimad, The desperate need for MDO to unchain additive manufacturing: an invitation)
12h00 Lunch + posters    
13h30 Technical session 8 (3 slots) Data-driven, AI-enabled (MD)O 

P. Seshadri (ICL, Bridging the gap between simulations & real-world data)
P. Toint (Univ. Namur, First and second order optimization methods without function evaluation)
B. Zhou (Univ. Bristol, Towards Data-Driven Multi-Fidelity Propeller Noise Prediction and Minimization)

14h30 Technical session 9 (3 slots) Multi-Level/Multi-Fidelity/Multi-Objective MDO

T. Verstraete (VKI, The importance of gradient accuracy in aerodynamic shape optimization)
N. Fabiane (ONERA, Surrogate-based RBDO for Aeroelastic Applications)

R. Olivanti (Airbus, Multi-fidelity aeroelastic optimization)

15h30 Coffee    
16h00 Panel discussions


Discussions about future roadmaps to go towards climate-neutral aircraft configuration (Open)
What are the priorities and why (based on the national and international roadmaps)


V. Selmin, Clean Aviation JU,
F. Blanc, AIRBUS,
S. Shapar, Rolls Royce,
P. Beaumier, ONERA,
M. Fischer, DLR,
D. Descheemaeker, IRT


17h00 Conclusions    
17h30 End