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ONERA, DLR and IRT Saint-Exupéry organize the third European workshop on MDO for aeronautical industrial applications in 2022 as a physical, face-to-face meeting and are pleased to invite you to attend this workshop.

The workshop on "MDO for Industrial Applications in Aeronautics – Towards Greener Aviation" will take place in IHES - Paris (Bures-sur-Yvette), France, September 20-21, 2022

Apart from sharing cutting-edge technical achievements in the field of MDO, this workshop will give a great opportunity for sharing your views with respect to the unprecedented climate and socio-economic challenges that the aeronautical community will face in the near future. In that respect we believe that MDO is definitely more needed than ever for “designing” the future of aeronautics.

The 3rd European workshop on MDO will focus on the following MDO research areas:

  • MDO in applications, focus on specific representative test cases (green aspect)
  • Multi-level/Multi-Fidelity/Multi-objective MDO
  • (MD)O under uncertainty (manufacturing, instabilities, certification, operation, MRO)
  • Topology related MDO
  • End-to-end MDO (MBSE)
  • Data-driven, AI-enabled (MD)O 
  • MDO frameworks / Decision support tools / Methods and tools

The workshop aims at bringing together practitioners from research and industry to discuss the bottlenecks and barriers of MDO use in industry, so that future solutions can be designed with these issues in mind.